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BuDhaGirl Tzubbie All Weather Bangle

Designer: BuDhaGirl


Are you a maximalist or a minimalist? Either way, you're bound to be divine! Our BuDhaGirl Tzubbie (pronounced "chubbie") Gold All Weather Bangle® embodies all the traits of an AWB: it's waterproof, soundless, weightless, and TSA-proof. This singular orb is designed for those seeking the pinnacle of statement pieces. Encapsulating our signature lush gold leaf within voluminous polyvinyl carbonate tubing, sealed with our distinctive Serenity prayer bead, envision setting your daily intentions with this exquisite bangle.

The Tzubbie All Weather Bangle boasts a thickness of 9mm, in contrast to the 4mm thickness of the Gold All Weather Bangles.

Handcrafted in Thailand by exceptionally skilled artisans, each Tzubbie Gold All Weather Bangle is meticulously crafted by a team of 20+ artisans, making each bangle a labor of love. Utilizing organic materials, slight color variations may naturally occur due to humidity and temperature conditions. Over time, the uncoated brass of our Serenity Prayer Bead may develop a verdigris patina, adding to its charm. The essence of the Tzubbie Gold All Weather Bangle lies in its ability to age gracefully, acquiring character while retaining its inherent beauty—much like the remarkable women who wear them.

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