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If there's one thing we learned over quarantine is that tie-dye is in! Even though it’s always a fun DIY, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, we have the perfect new looks for you! We have so many great new arrivals, but these three tie-dye pieces are some of our favorites. 

This first look is our new tie-dye top! With these fun and flirty ruffled sleeves, you can style this top with any wash blue jean and it also looks fantastic with white! This top would also look great with a fun skirt or a pair of shorts. 

Karlie Clothes Tie-Dye Smocked Shoulder Top

8.28 Boutique - Karlie Clothes Tie-Dye Smocked Shoulder Top

Our second look is a beautiful maxi dress that would look great on anyone! This dress is perfect because it looks great with sandals or sneakers depending on the occasion. We also love the pastel colors giving it a more chill vibe while also having a fun pop of color. 

Karlie Clothes Tie-Dye Print Tiered Maxi Dress 

8.28 Boutique - Karlie Clothes Tie-Dye Print Tiered Maxi Dress

If you’re looking for a more subtle tie-dye look this dress is perfect for you! And for a huge bonus, it has pockets! It’s also so easy to slip on when you’re trying to get out of the house with a more put together look. This dress will be a staple in your closet and you will get so much wear out of it! 

Free the Roses Tie-Dye Babydoll Dress

8.28 Boutique - Free the Roses Tie-Dye Babydoll Dress

Shop these fun Tie-Dye pieces and our other amazing new arrivals here! 


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