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Making Easter Memories

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Easter is all about new life, warmer weather, blooming flowers and celebrating Jesus! Who doesn’t love an excuse to celebrate?  In the spirit of Easter, we’re here to share some ideas for celebrating. We hope this post inspires you to create new Easter traditions that will last for years. Be sure to share your favorite activities with us on social media by tagging #828purpose.


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Peeps S’mores 

Whatever your take is on Peeps, everyone would agree using them to make s’mores is a winning idea. All you need to make Peeps S’mores are some Peeps, graham crackers and chocolate bars. First take a graham cracker, then stack a chunk of the chocolate bar on top. Top this with a peep and either microwave until soft or place the stack under the broiler until toasted. Then, place another graham cracker on top and you have Peeps S’mores. This has to be the fastest Easter dessert ever!

Sunday Best

We love an excuse to dress for a special occasion! Easter Sunday is a great time to don your Sunday best and wear something new from 8.28 Boutique. We have just received so many colorful new arrivals that are perfect for spring. To make these outfits perfect for Easter Sunday, just add a pair heels or wedge sandals and a statement earring!


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Host an Easter Egg Hunt

Holding a family Easter egg hunt is a classic part of most families’ Easter celebrations. Make yours extra special (and fun for all ages) by hiding one golden egg that has a “golden” surprise inside. Some ideas for stuffing this egg include a gift card or a cash prize for finding the golden egg. 

Easter Prayer Countdown

Put together a plastic egg display to celebrate Lent and count down the days to Easter. Hang forty plastic Easter eggs by ribbons or twine. Place a name inside each egg using these printables and open an egg each day. Then, pray for that person. You can also fill the egg with Easter treats or activities for celebrating each day. It’s a fun way to do something meaningful throughout the Easter season. 


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If you have kids, get them involved all throughout the Easter season to teach them about Jesus! While you’re celebrating and making fun traditions, wear your favorite 8.28 Boutique outfit. Do you have any fun Easter traditions? Share your celebrations on Instagram and tag #828purpose so we can celebrate with you.

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