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Iconic Pink Outfits In Pop Culture

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You may have noticed we had a small rebrand and changed up the colors on our site! Pink is the best color and we are so excited to include it as our new brand color! When you see the hot pink, you know it’s 8.28! In “celebration” of this fun new color, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite pinks in pop culture. 

When you think of wearing pink, the quote that always comes to mind is “on Wednesday we wear pink.” We had to start off the show with Mean Girls. Cady Heron is a new student at North Shore High School, and in an attempt to ruin The Plastics, Cady fakes being their friend. When the popularity goes to her head, she is humbled, and the movie ends with her sharing the homecoming crown with all the girls at the school. This classic, quotable 2004 movie is one of our favorites. 

The beautiful pink gown worn by Glinda the Good Witch in 1934 girl, The Wizard of Oz, is another favorite pink in pop culture. Glinda is the “fairy godmother” figure to Dorothy, appearing in a bubble and a gorgeous blush dress to save the day for Dorothy and friends.

Speaking of Glinda, in the witches’ origin story, Wicked, Glinda wears a beautiful pink dress as she teaches Elphaba (or The Wicked Witch of The West) how to be “Popular.” In the song, she insists that “black is this year's pink”, though this lyric comes out of pity for poor, green Elphaba. 

Who could forget Lady Gaga’s big entrance at the Met Gala in 2019? Though the entrance resulted in 4 different costumes, our absolute favorite was the original dress she emerged in with the matching pink bow. Camp was the theme in 2019, and Lady Gaga hit it out of the park with her 2 pink looks!

Another Met Gala look we cannot get over is this Barbie-inspired look from Kacey Musgraves. 

To finish off our favorite pink looks in pop culture, our all-time favorite - Elle Woods. It was hard to pick a favorite pink look from this iconic 2001 movie, but we decided to narrow it down to her power-dress from the courtroom when she get the answers she needs from Chutney Windham.

Tell us, what are your favorite pink looks in pop culture? We’d love to hear what outfits we missed! Shop our New Arrivals for the most current collection of clothing available at 8.28 Boutique! Or click here to shop our pink collection! Have any questions about styles or questions about what to wear? Email us at services@828boutique.com

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